Event Venue


Event Venue

What began in 1907 as a shelter for wheat and livestock during winter months, has been masterfully restored and transformed to an eloquent event venue and recognized for its significance in the Washington State Register of Historic Places

Owner Nat Small, a fourth generation Walla Walla resident, has  renovated the barn, preserving the authenticity of the original Epstein Farm, while incorporating elements of sustainability that align with the eco-scape of Eastern Washington's natural garden and farm landscape.

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Special Event 3 — Strauss Metamorphosen

Tuesday, June 26 at 7 PM - 8 PM

Featuring wines by Buty Winery

In 1945, World War II had turned decidedly in favor of the Allied Forces. United States GIs moved freely through war-torn Germany, eventually ending up on the front lawn of composer Richard Strauss. It was in this period that Strauss completed his paean to old Europe, Metamorphosen. Alex Ross, writing for The New Yorker, points out that Strauss, born in 1864 and dying in 1949, straddled impossibly disparate worlds, predating the German Empire and outlasting the Third Reich. Metamorphosen, originally scored for 23 string players, is here condensed into the more intimate ensemble of string septet. Drawing heavily on the influence of Beethoven, Strauss actually quotes the famous Funeral March of Beethoven’s “Eroica” Symphony and cryptically places the words “In Memorium!” in the score above the quotation. This Special Event will explore the deeply moving post-Romantic score, and revel in the lush sorrow of one of this great composer’s final works.

Doors open at 6 PM.


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Look for Red Star Barn during this stunning 3-minute film, A Place Like This, featuring the beauty and diversity of the Walla Walla valley (produced by local media company, CM Bell). We make an appearance - in the background - at 00:53.